Make the Transition to a Better Life by Living With Less

Make the Transition to a Better Life by Living With Less

What it means to be a minimalist

Most people would agree that minimalism is just another fad for people to follow. However, the other portion of us would have to disagree. I am in that ‘other portion’. I wholeheartedly believe in minimalism as being a valid way for anyone to live their lives. In some ways, living with less is more. Living with less is less of a fad and more of a lifestyle.

Truths about living with less

It’s not easy. It’s that simple, living with less takes guts. This is especially the case if you are coming from a lifestyle full of stuff. Changing over to minimalism can be a huge change for most people. At the end of your transformation, you may have none of your original possessions in life; however, you’d be freed from the bonds of consumerism. Along the way, people may judge you. This is OK, by nature people judge. It’s a human instinct to judge; it’s also a human instinct to be persuaded by the judgement. What you need to do is keep moving forward.

Moving forward takes commitment. This is not easy, something that will happen overnight (unless you really try). Go through the motions with this. Get rid of one thing at a time and ease your way out of owning stuff. You should do this until you reach a comfortable point. Some people may find it better to live with 100 items, and others 5000; either way it is still minimalism if you own the minimum amount of stuff that you need to function.

By the end of your transition to a more frugal lifestyle by living with less, you’ll most likely feel better. Everyone that I have talked to in the past said that they do not regret transforming their lives one bit. Whether it takes a few years or just a few months, the amount of stress in your life will dwindle down to almost nothing. This is because stuff directly translates to stuff. The stress is there so that we do not forget about these said items. If you get rid of the items; your brain no longer worries about a large number of possessions… effectively lowering stress.

It is one of the absolute BEST feelings in the world when youre done with your journey. The journey of minimalism is never over, but once you get to a point where you are happy you’re truly happy. It’s a rare feeling felt by most only a few times in a lifetime. Most people do not realize it but living with less it the key to happiness in our modern society.

How to decide to live with less

If you want to make the switch to living with less but you still have that little question in the back of your head; its perfectly normal! Nobody is perfectly fully on board as soon as the idea of minimalism enters their life. It takes time. To truly decide if you want to live with less, your decision should be based on your feelings of giving away a box or two of old items. Seriously! Go into your closet, grab a few boxes you haven’t touched in years, and then go out and donate it! After you complete that you should be able to reassess.

Living with less will give you more

When you go ahead with the transformation in your life, you will naturally find more freedom. More freedom to travel, to budget, to have fun. You will be able to create more and consume less. Increased creativity will assist you in pursuing your true passions. With all this said, living with less is really living with more. Living with more quality and less junk.

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