Grocery Savings

Grocery Savings

One thing that almost every household in America, as well as around the world, does is try not to spend too much money on their food bill. Aside from a mortgage or a rent payment, household usually spend more money on their grocery bill than they do on anything else. So saving money on your grocery bill is front and center almost any time someone goes to the food store.

Although you have to eat, as is just plain no way around that, do not have to spend a King’s ransom every time you go to a grocery store and purchase everything that strikes your fancy. There are a lot of ways that you can save money when you’re shopping for groceries and those ways will not make a huge difference in your lifestyle if at all.

A lot of people fail to realize that coupons are sitting around begging to be used and the benefit not just you, the consumer, but also the company that manufactures and sells the product as well as the grocery stores themselves. For the grocery stores and manufacturers it moves more product and puts more money in your pocket. It also helps them with branding and is cheap advertising because it still making money at the discounted pricing most of the time. The grocery store is always making money as the coupons typically don’t affect the profit percentages and often times the percentage is increased in order to give the grocery store incentive to push the items which are tied to the coupons.

Of course we don’t really have much of an interest in that many of us could care less. Our goal is to save money on our grocery bill on a regular basis in order to not be sent to the poor house every time we hit the local supermarket. With coupons you not carrying anything extra to speak of in terms of weight and organizing them by product type is simple enough. They are free in your newspapers, you see them advertised in magazines, you get them in the mail without asking for them and they are all over the Internet for you to just grab and use.

How much money can you save on your grocery bill using coupons?

That number is going to vary from person to person an awful lot. It wouldn’t take much so for you to find stories of people saving hundreds and thousands of dollars every month from using the coupons in a correct manner. That may be extreme for the average coupon user but it certainly is accurate and should you want to go that way you certainly can. The average consumer typically would save about 20% on their grocery bill when they do their grocery shopping using coupons in a reasonable manner. Twenty percent is an awful lot if your grocery bill is $200 a week as that makes it $160 a savings of $40. Multiply that out over 52 weeks and your saving several thousand dollars. I don’t care who you are somebody wants to give you a couple thousand dollars you are going to accept it and walk away a happy camper.

Another way that a smart shopper can save money on your grocery shopping bill is by staying away from the brand names for each and every purchase. Many people do not realize that the non-brand names are often made by the brand companies in the brand factories. Those “fake” Ritz crackers could very well be made by the Ritz cracker company only labeled with the non-Ritz brand name on it. Cereal companies do that all the time, as to the cookie and crackers manufacturers and also many companies that produce drinks of all kinds. That gives them a complete manufacturing schedule and eliminates any downtime in the factory as well as generates revenue they would never have received. Also many of those companies own those non-brand-name products and it is just one other way for them to cover more shelf space with very little extra effort.

Shopping in the aisle that has these non-brand name products, or what is commonly referred to as the generic aisle, can also save you as much as 12% on your bill when your grocery shopping on a regular basis. So that would save you an additional $20 a week or so which is another thousand dollars a year that you don’t spend on your groceries and put right into your pocket. In just 750 words we have shown you how you can save $3000 a year with almost no extra effort just by shopping right at your local supermarket. The effort to produce the 750 words is probably more than you would have to put out in a weekly basis in order to find the right kind of coupons and also make sure you shop in the generic aisle when you do your weekly grocery shopping.

There are some other things you can do to save on your grocery bill when you go shopping for food at your supermarket that make a lot of sense. How about you don’t go to the store when you’re hungry? You’d be surprised how much more food you buy when you shop at the same time as being hungry. Although that sounds kind of silly it’s 100% accurate and something you need to keep in mind before you go shopping. Your eyes are always going to be bigger than your stomach and if you go food shopping when you are hungry your eyes are question while it to get smaller.

Take these ideas and implement them as you go shopping and see how much money you save on your groceries on a regular basis.