Tips to Saving Money on Groceries

Tips to Saving Money on Groceries

Grocery Lists are essential in saving money on groceries. Not only will you be able to better plan out your meals, but you are also able to save money by figuring out the best combinations of food. When people go into the store, they often impulse buy, which effectively subtracts money from your pockets for things that you didn’t really need in the first place. By preparing a grocery list, you can go into a supermarket or your local grocery store with a game plan on what to buy. All great budgeters use grocery lists every time they plan to purchase food.

Get Your Groceries for Cheap

Now you may be wondering.. how do I prepare a grocery list? It’s really quite simple. You can use a complex software or you can just use a pen and paper. Personally, I prefer using a pen and paper as I am able to brainstorm a bit better. When I cannot think of any ideas of what to place on a grocery list, I tend to venture into the cookbook to explore food options. Remember! There are a few essentials to every single grocery list. These are eggs, bread and milk. Buy those items in bulk to save some extra money on groceries.

Coupons are a very easy thing to take advantage of. Simply, if you are not using coupons, you are throwing good money down the drain. They are easy to use (just need to cut them out) and can save you anywhere from 1% to 99% off of your grocery bill. If you have every watched the extreme couponing show, you will know that anything is possible. Some of my friends have saved upwards to $10,000 (yes, thats ten grand) a year on groceries. These savings were all from couponing and using other common methods, such as preparing a grocery list ahead of time.

Where can I find coupons? Coupons can be located in tons of different places. If you have ever gone to a store, you’ve most likely seen coupons scattered throughout the store. These coupons inside stores are usually attached to shelves or in the front of the store. Magazines, newspapers, and other forms of printed media are also another place to find coupons. You can get newspapers and magazines for free from a few different sources. If you like saving the planet (or just want some ease of access) there are online applications where you can find coupons. Nowadays, coupons do not need to be printed. There are hundreds of different couponing apps available on the android and apple app store.

Here is the kicker to really curb your grocery spending! You must consider both grocery lists as well as coupons. By implementing coupons into your grocery list creation, you are both preventing any unnecessary spending as well as saving money on the items that you do buy. Coupons will also give you ideas of fantastic items to place on a grocery list. Its simple to save money and get the best deals, you don’t need to eat ramen to save money; just follow some of the tips above.

It’s easy to eat healthy and cheap. Spend a few minutes a day figuring out what you need to add to your fridge and write it down. You’ll most likely be able to find a discount for that particular item or a similar item. Buying your food and produce in bulk is another great option.

Work at a grocery store: There are often tons of employee discounts to grocery store employees. These can range from free items to percentages off of the bill. It may not be realistic to become the employee of a place just to save a few dollars; but usually stores will also offer a family discount. Help your children get their first jobs at your local supermarket and you are sure to save some cash.

Friends: If you become friends of the owner of a food place, you can lower your food budget. Whether its a restaurant, bakery, or even a grocery store; a friend is sure to give you a discount.

Special days at grocery stores: An amazing way to save money at grocery stores is by taking advantage of special occasions. At my local grocery store, they have a once a month senior discount day. During this day, senior citizens will get 10%+ off of their entire bill. Now in combination with couponing, food can become as cheap as water.


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