How Can I Save More Money? Some simple tricks.

How Can I Save More Money? Some simple tricks.

In life, your brain can automatically wonder “hmm, how can I save money today?” It happens to all of us. Whether you’re walking through a store or purchasing items online, you’re most likely interested in ways to get said stuff for cheaper. That new electronic device that you’re about to buy? There are ways to save money on it. How about your grocery budget? Yep! You can also some money on that too. It’s natural to want to pinch-pennies and put your dollars under your bed. It is our goal to help you do that.

How Can I Save Money?

Saving money isn’t just a small thing to do, it’s a lifestyle. Get into the habit of living frugally. If you know what you’re doing, you’ll definitely be able to live like royalty on a budget. There are plenty of things that you can do. First of all, put down the fancy drinks and just start drinking water. At first you’ll save a few dollars, but by substituting your daily soda with water, you will save potentially thousands of dollars in medical bills. Similarly, you should turn off the television. Watching television is unproductive and has a price that is progressively rising every year. Time is also money. The amount of time that people spend watching TV could be used to run a country.

Smarter shopping is another way in which many people save money. Always price check items you find inside physical stores with items online. Some products are 50% cheaper online for the same exact brand. Purchasing food online isn’t viable in most places but you can still save loads of money off of your grocery bill. Check out our ‘save money on groceries’ section to learn more about that.

If you just want a quick tip on how I save tons of money, I’ll give you one right now. I buy all of the items that I can in bulk. That’s the keyword right there: bulk. Rice, cereal, milk, candy; it’s all in bulk for me. I’ve calculated and found that I actually save quite a decent amount of money doing this. The best part is that it also saves time shopping.
Let me break it down for you. In my day to day life, I consider the fact that there are three separate areas to spend money on. These are food, living, and pleasure. Everything I spend money on is able to go into one or more of these three categories. Food is obvious; these are groceries, fast food, dinners with the family. Living is what I put rent and other living expenses under. Pleasure is anything that is not 100% necessary to survive, but without it, life wouldnt be life.

I challenge myself to have equal parts food, living, and pleasure. To not over spend in one aspect of my life, budgeting has become an important part of my days. Pleasure is the most important part of life to me. Having fun with friends is what I would consider pleasure. A nice little way to save money is to invite your friends over to your house. I don’t do this every single time that I hang out, but every once in a while I am able to keep my wallet full.

How Can I Save Money? Get educated!

People say that money isn’t everything in life. However, to do anything in life you need to have money. Therefor I believe that money is everything because it makes life possible. Sure you don’t need money to fall in love; but to make use of that love, you need to have money to buy a house, spend on education, food, entertainment. That is why I save money and that is why I believe that it is wise for you to also save money.

How much money can I save?

The amount of money that you save depends on your lifestyle and your needs. It also depends on how far you are willing to go to save a penny. I like having a little bit of flexibility in my life; so I do not save every bit of money possible. This means that I will not bend down to pick up a penny off of the ground. However, there are people willing to do this. So next you ask yourself “How can I save money?” refer back to this article.


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