Save My Money – 9 Simple Tips

Save My Money – 9 Simple Tips

Save My Money Tips

Sometimes all of us will need a little guidance to truly get where we want to be. For most of us, that place is to be financially free. This means that it’s definitely smart to receive tips on saving money. At BudgetPronto, we assist people who ask how to save their money every single day. It’s a regular occurrence for someone to be asking how to “save my money”.

Teach Me How to Save My Money!

In this post we will be covering the best tips to save money. These tricks are easy to stay on due to them just being basic money management skills. Take a few minutes to learn these, you will not regret it one bit. These next few minutes could be worth thousands of dollars to you (of saved money that is). By using these little ways to save your money, it is easy to keep up with due to the simplicity. There are also some bonus tips at the end… so pay close attention!

  • Record your expenses on a paper or a budget sheet
  • Make a budget. Seriously, it’s one of the best things you can do today.
  • Plan on saving money, don’t just let it happen… get out and do it!

To put it into just a few words, our ‘save money’ tips are simple. They’re simplistic in nature and in structure. These tips just so happen to be easy to follow. We’re not even exaggerating when we say that these tips are so easy that a toddler could use them. These simple little tricks are not time consuming at all. In fact, these could be considered time saving. By saving money, you are also saving your valued time in return. Think about it for a second: you make money by exchanging your time, so your money is basically your time. Spending a few dollars is like giving time away.

These tips are really not the difficult to follow. It’s not like these are some crazy ways to save money; all you need to do it stick with it. Although if I could give you a tip, it would be that you should not go easy. Put these tricks in the spotlight; make them one of your main focuses for the day. With that being mentioned, you absolutely need to set guidelines to follow. Nobody saved money by not following their budget. Just do it now, seriously though… why wait? Difficulty is based on a personal definition. So it is your choice to make this difficult.

  • Figure out your priorities.
  • There are different strategies to achieve different goals. Research!
  • Keep an eye on your savings. Watch it grow.

Great job! You’ve implemented these tips to save money into your monthly budgets. The easy part is getting it; the hard part is keeping it. Similarly to what was previously mentioned, it is up to you to make it ‘easy’. To keep these tips in your life, my number one recommendation would be for you to keep a journal. This could be a digital journal but personally I prefer using a nice notebook and pens and pencils. Keep your journal daily; update it with what you did that day and what tips you used. By doing this regularly, next time you get up in the morning you’ll think to yourself “How could I save my money today? What tips should I use? Perhaps I should follow the save money tips.”

Additional tips to save your money:

  • Shut the vents in your unused rooms.
  • Become healthy. This’ll save money on insurance.
  • Drink less alcohol. Seriously easy way to save a few dollars.


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